Air Charter Services

Air Charter Services

“Travel without anxiety and flight without delays is the FHIPL mantra for air charter operations.”

Executive Travel

We can offer what you want the most, for your discerning air transportation needs – speed, safety, reliability, flexibility, security and privacy. Our first rate personal attention promises fast flexible and timely flights with private planning with our charter consultant available 24×7 to design the most cost-beneficial rates. You will board as soon as you arrive and we will take you to any place in India.

Sightseeing & Adventure

Travel on our helicopters with large viewing areas that offer birds-eye scenic view over customized routes along with a knowledgeable pilot who can tell you about the area you are visiting. We can fly you over any dream location in India letting you enjoy an unfettered view from the top. We also offer services for adventure sports such as heli-skiing and heli-trekking over undiscovered areas and let you enjoy your moment of solitude.

Religious Tourism

Our helicopters offer accessibility and an easy method for devotees who are old or those with mobility difficulties to accomplish tiring pilgrimages in a relatively short time. They are also suitable for clients who are constrained for time and need to visit difficult-to-access destinations like Badrinath, Kedarnath, Katra-Vaishnodevi and Amarnath.  Helicopter based religious tours are not only time-saving and convenient but also offer you breathtakingly beautiful aerial views.

Aerial Filming

FHIPL offers proven platforms for aerial photo and video for high impact advertising and movie making businesses. Our helicopters can be easily modified to carry filming equipment and supports a wide variety of professional camera mounts such as Tyler, Wescam or Gyron. Flying for aerial filming by our experienced pilots can deliver you some spectacular shots and angles adding to the production value of your project.

Leisure Charter or Memorable/Special Air Experience

The perfect present for someone special or even a treat for yourself. Flying in a helicopter for a special occasion can make the memory even more indelible and endearing. Experience uniqueness when you fly with us for your wedding, anniversary or birthday. The memorable excitement of arriving by air direct to the venue in style and comfort is priceless. When you travel with us, we can indeed promise you a luxurious memory.

Geological & Aerial Mapping Surveys

Survey requirements emphasize upon coverage of large areas which can be efficiently handled by our helicopters and survey experienced crew. We can serve the needs of oil, mining and gas industries and can be utilized for camp support, seismic and geological exploratory tasks. Our helicopters can be easily modified to carry Airborne Laser Terrain Mapping (ALTM) and Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) equipment for topographic and 3D feature mapping.

Government Aid & Support

Our team of ex-military pilots can work cohesively with Government agencies in Search and Rescue (SAR) operations, Airborne Law Enforcement (ALE) duties, medevac tasks and render support to forestry and wildlife agencies. We can provide long term lease programmes to State Govts to perform a wide variety of government tasks.

Medical Evacuation

For cases needing urgent and critical medical support from remote areas, medical evacuation (MedEvac) by helicopter is the most timely and efficient form of transportation. MedEvac flights can access locations where ground ambulances cannot make the journey faster. We can fit specialist and specific life saving equipment on board with the patient or fly doctors to vital operations, and transport urgent organ donors for immediate transplant.

Power & Pipeline Maintenance

We provide maintenance support flights for surveying power lines and pipelines in a cost-effective method. Our helicopters are invaluable to quickly move men and material over inaccessible terrains. Our aircraft are equipped to support GPS and computer inside the aircraft for extended patrol durations. With satellite tracking, the dispatch centre can monitor the flight in real time over the internet and accurately pinpoint areas needing attention.

External & Cargo Load Operations

If there is a need to transport something from Point A to B, we will either fit it inside the helicopter or carry it under slung. Every external load operation is unique and our pilots have extensive experience to use specific techniques to accomplish the mission in the safest and most efficient manner of even the most delicate cargo. Our external load services are invaluable in exploration drilling support and construction work when land based logistical hassles seem insurmountable.

Electronic News Gathering

We can provide a competent helicopter crew that can respond quickly to a story location and enable flexibility to news crew to operate their equipment in a professional and safe manner. The Bell 206 BIII helicopters we operate are widely used worldwide for ENG missions and the versatility of these machines coupled with the expertise of our pilots can offer remarkable and safe news coverage.

Political Campaign Charter

Our light helicopters are suitable for multiple daily short hops on a campaign trail and even for cross-constituency commitments. The ruggedness and reliability of Bell 206 BIII are proven with the best safety record of any helicopter in the industry. No wonder it’s the most popular turbine helicopter ever built and most suited to withstand the rigors of harsh campaign environment with dependable performance in unprepared surfaces and remote locations.

Banner Advertisement

Aerial advertising using banners towed behind aircraft are the perfect way to capture the attention of your target audience. Wherever an aerial banner flies, everyone looks up and reads what is printed on it. Aerial banners reach highly targeted audiences with remarkable efficiency making aerial media an attractive option for a wide range of campaigns. Whether it be for a marriage proposal, a happy birthday or promoting a special event or product, aerial banners always get noticed.

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